April 14th, 2006


Confirmation Banners

that_guy_zach and I went out to the church this afternoon to set up for Easter Sunday. We are receiving this year's confirmation class Sunday. Three will be baptized on profession of faith, and one confirmed on profession of faith.

Each year, I have the class design and make a banner. On the day the class is received, we hang that banner up front. All around the sanctuary, we hang the previous classes' banners. This year is my eighth year/class at this church.

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2006 Confirmation Class Banner

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hound of heaven

The Song of the Children

The world is ours till sunset,
Holly and fire and snow;
And the name of our dead brother
Who loved us long ago.

The grown folk mighty and cunning,
They write his name in gold;
But we can tell a little
Of the million tales he told.

He taught them laws and watchwords,
To preach and struggle and pray;
But he taught us deep in the hayfield
The games that angels play.

Had he stayed here for ever,
Their world would be wise as ours --
And the king be cutting capers,
Adn the priest be picking flowers.

But the dark day came: they gathered:
On their faces we could see
They had taken and slain our brother,
And hanged him on a tree.

-- G.K. Chesterton