March 3rd, 2006

by himself

As promised

The cuteness comes right on schedule. I said I'd soon get around to posting a picture of Cuthbert in his new kitty hi-rise apartment. Here it is, installed in the dungeon. It has proved moderately successful at keeping him off the computer desks. I still have to shut him out of the basement occasionally so I can get work done and not be chasing him off things. But he does love his own bit of furniture. Click on the pic to enlarge.

Hi-rise hijinks Hi-rise hijinks


Telling still their ancient story, their Creator's changeless love

collinsmom and I had a date to have supper out at Wilderstead this evening. She got stuck in traffic getting home and got out there an hour late, which was stressful, but at least I wasn't cooking something for her. (I'd brought the makings of a cold supper.)

Anyway, I had the propane heater knocking the chill off the cabin before she got there. We spent some time together, ate supper, talked about stuff, and planned out the circuitry of our cabin. Not that we're planning on getting electrical service out in the holler yet, but we intend to insulate and panel the cabin this year, and we need to have the wiring ready for eventual service before we do that.

It was a crystal clear night full of stars. As I was cleaning up and closing down about 9:00 o'clock, I noticed that the moon -- just a crescent moon only a few days old -- was so bright that it cast my shadow on the drive. You could see the dark moon's face against the sky, with the bright crescent to the lower right of it -- what they call "the old moon in the new moon's arms." You could count the Pleiades, Orion was glorious, a planet (Mars, I think) was wandering through Taurus. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

The evening may have started late, but it was all worth it.