February 20th, 2006

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Just clerging around

to clerge, verb, intransitive, 1) to spend time doing tasks typical of the clergy, 2) to schmooze on topics of interest to the clergy. Coined by A.W. Collins c. 1980.

One of the student pastors I'm mentoring came by for an appointment this afternoon. Not only am I this guy's official mentor for the District Committee on Ministry, but I'm also supervising his field work for three hours' credit in seminary this semester.

He was looking for advice on time management and the discipline of sermon preparation. After we'd kicked those two to death, we talked church politics. I have a lot of clergy or clergy-to-be on my flist, so maybe I'll post something sometime on time management (particularly as it relates to pastoral calls) and something on sermon prep; however, church politics is of perennial interest to lots of church-goers, so let me say something about that today.
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