February 15th, 2006

by himself

You just can't go wrong with pet pictures

Cuthbert is a very photogenic cat. Here are a couple of new ones just posted to his Gallery. I'd like to give Sassafras equal time sometime soon, but she's more camera-shy. Cuthbert is almost full-grown now. He is long and sleek, a bit undersized perhaps (at least compared to some of the huge cats we've had in times past).

Cuthbert is also showing quite a talent for technology. In addition to messing with my computers, he's shown an interest in the guitar. I suspected that he was attracted to the hum of the 'puter (which he can hear all the time, I'm sure). He is certainly interested in the vibrations of the guitar. I'll have to see if I can get a pic of him interacting with it.

In the meantime, here are the latest . . .

This one never gets old This one never gets old

Admit it: I'm cute beyond words.
C'mon, turn out the light, already. C'mon, turn out the light, already.

Cuthbert seems unimpressed by his Mistress's choice of bed book.


Book review

John Wesley and Christian Antiquity
by Ted A. Campbell

I re-read this book, prompted by several LJ conversations on ecclesiology and such matters. It's a moderately dense work, but rewarding.

The author places Wesley against the background of his age: the Caroline divines whose polemics promoted Anglican polity and practices as best agreeing with the practice of the primitive Church. The whole Church of England was on a historical jag, especially regarding the first few centuries of the Church, which they regarded as the purest in belief and practice, and as normative for the Church in all succeeding ages. This is ultimately also the source of that continuing interest by the English divines in Eastern Orthodox theology which has aroused so much comment in later days.
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