February 14th, 2006


Hearts and flowers

I never could figure out Valentine's Day. When I was a little kid, we exchanged cheap cards in class. That was about it.

On one level, I am a deeply romantic man. I believe in true love, quests, promises that cannot be defeated even by death. The last Sunday of each year, I put a big bouquet of flowers on the altar for our anniversary (roses and Christmas greens) and bring it home. I used to write really awful poetry for/to my wife.

But on another level, Valentine's Day seems like another faux holiday with a required response. Perfectly sensible people suddenly say, "Oh, we can't do that on that day -- it's Valentine's Day! -- as if they were really going to go do something terribly special they couldn't do any other day. And it seems to me that most lovers/spouses would prefer somebody who showed love and respect and thoughtfulness every day, rather than just this one day a year.

So here is my declaration: I am a true Romantic, and my love is constrained by neither calendar nor clock.
rose window

A good day

I got to the quick lube place about noon today, but they were out of filters, so I couldn't get my oil changed. That left me with an open hour in the day. I immediately seized the chance to go out to Wilderstead.

As I pulled up at the gate, my body started shuddering. I wasn't sobbing, but my body was just so happy to be there. I wandered around for a half hour in the almost-spring-like sunshine. I dreamed and I schemed. I didn't want to go back to The World.

But I did. Cruised by the office, then went home and walked the dog. Did some other minor stuff, then went to the church tonight for Council meeting, which I've been dreading. It went very well. There were nine of us, and we didn't have a lot of work to do, but we enjoyed our time together. I feel loved and appreciated and all sorts of things I haven't felt for a week or two. Yay!

I asked what they'd like to do for Lent this year, and made some suggestions. I think what we'll do is have weekly eucharist on Wednesday evening for vespers throughout Lent. We'll start on Ash Wednesday, with ashes. Holy week we'll skip Wednesday because of Maundy Thursday. But this is cool. United Methodists are being urged to contemplate weekly communion, but it's a big step. A weekly communion service during Lent will pay some dividends down the road, I think. 'Sall good.