February 7th, 2006



Heading for the Hofbräuhaus in Newport tonight. Dinner and Doppelbock! Beatles tunes played live by a guy with an accordion!

Their February microbrew is a doppelbock they call the Adulterator. It's an authentic medieval recipe for the stiff brew monks would make to get them through their Lenten fasting. Alcohol is, like 8% or so. Normally, they serve their beer in liters; however, they only serve this in half-liters.


P.S. I've been really down lately, so I need a night out. I've noticed a lot of my LJ friends beefing and boohooing, too. Maybe it's just cabin fever; at least, the butt end of winter magnifies all that's going wrong.

Well, how about that

I received the following e-mail today as a reply to my e-mail regarding the emerald ash borer infestation in Carmel, IN. I learned about that pest from a post by ragamuffin33ad. The reply doesn't give much help, but at least I got a reply. And I'll be praying that our woods are spared: we have many beautiful, healthy ash trees out at Wilderstead.

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Siegesache, siegesache, heu! heu! heu!

Well, that_guy_zach and I went over to the Hofbräuhaus for dinner. We started out with a half liter each of the Adulterator Doppelbock. Then both of us ordered the Kassler Rippchen -- what Zach refers to as a "porkgasm." I had a Bavarian creme puff -- a Windbeutel ("windbag"). We had just ordered our second half liters when yechezkiel joined us. He went for the pretzel sandwich.

The band was mediocre, but the people dancing were a hoot. After it got too noisy at Hofbräuhaus, we went over to Barnes & Noble to cruise for books. Then came Coldstone Creamery, to finish off the evening with ice cream. Truly, a delightful evening all the way around. I needed that.