February 5th, 2006

saxon cross

Mixed results in light trading

Attendance was way down in church today. Part of that was the weather, although quite a few elderly, rickety people made it to worship despite a dusting of snow. But overall, the tide continues to go out. The tide comes in, the tide goes out, as people enter new phases of their lives, get tired of what they've been doing, etc.

I don't cause the tide to come in, and I don't cause the tide to go out. I just try to do the Lord's work with whoever's there. When lots of people are flooding in, I hurry to gather the harvest. When people grow scarcer, I work to conserve the harvest.

It's always depressing when there's low attendance. But on the other hand, as I looked out upon the congregation today and served communion to them, I saw in almost every one of them a story. I've been here long enough to really know these people. There are so many good stories of grace, of answered prayers, of growth in faith among them.

Paul said, "I know how to be abased, and I know how to abound." What he didn't add was, abounding's easier.

Latest pet pictures

Took some more pix of Sassafras and Cuthbert today. We took Sassy out to Wilderstead for a run. It was cold. She was more than ready to come home, and when we opened the car door, she hopped right in. Later on, I caught Cuthbert being his usual self around the house.

Going Places Going Places

Sassy is eager to get the show on the road.
Hanging around the water fountain Hanging around the water fountain

Conversations around the water fountain are so -- well, catty.


Last word on a Sunday evening

I hate talking on the telephone. I don't mind short conversations to exchange info, but I've come to dread hearing the damned thing ring, and I rarely initiate any calls I don't have to. I only enjoy chit-chatting with a very few close friends, and even then, I would rather see them in person. E-mail and LJ are good, too, since though we are deprived of visual presence, we can consider our answers and converse in a thoughtful way.

Tonight, my sister called me RIGHT at the second half kickoff (Super Bowl) and bent my ear through two scores. I finally got disentangled from her without being actively rude. Then as soon as the game was over, she called back, just to prattle on some more. And she wonders why I never call. (Meanwhile, I always answer letters and e-mails promptly.)

I think my phone-a-phobia has to do with a) having to jockey the telephone running after parishioners; b) always being aware that the phone might ring at any time with something you've got to drop everything and deal with; and c) feeling trapped when someone calls and what you want is in the other room.

Anybody else feel this way?