February 4th, 2006

by himself

When you're not looking . . .

I just got out of the shower to find a dialog box open on my computer. It was the Windows Help box.

Cuthbert has been getting up on my computer desk, and he keeps inadvertently stepping on keys that open various menus.

Of course, I suppose it's possible that his actions aren't inadvertent, that he was really looking up Windows Help, but . . . Naaah.

That's paranoid.

Another old favorite


The hen remarked to the mooley cow,
As she cackled her daily lay,
(That is, the hen cackled) "It's funny how
I'm good for an egg a day.
I'm a fool to do it, for what do I get?
My food and my lodging. My!
But the poodle gets that -- he's the household pet,
And he never has laid a single egg yet --
Not even when eggs are high."

The mooley cow remarked to the hen,
As she masticated her cud,
(That is, the cow did) "Well, what then?
You quit, and your name is mud.
I'm good for eight gallons of milk each day,
And I'm given my stable and grub;
But the parrot gets that much, anyway, --
All she can gobble -- and what does she pay?
Not a dribble of milk, the dub!"

But the hired man remarked to the pair,
"You get all that's coming to you.
The poodle does tricks, and the parrot can swear,
Which is better than you can do.
You're necessary, but what's the use
Of bewailing your daily part?
You're bourgeois -- working's your only excuse;
You can't do nothing but just produce --
What them fellers does is ART!"
-- Unknown