January 27th, 2006

speed limit

Happy Birthday, Wolfie!

Today is the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

His full name was Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Gottlieb Mozart. His patron saint was John Chrysostom, whose feast day is also today (hence, the first two parts of his moniker). The German Gottlieb was replaced at his baptism by the Greek Theophilus, but he is usually known nowadays by the Latin Amadeus. They all mean the same thing, "Lover of God."

Word of the Day

tru'mor, n.,, gossip with a factual basis; a conflation of "true" and "rumor." Let's just sit around and swap trumors, huh?

Coined 2004 by members of Venture Crew 699 as they arrived at the church to start their backpacking trip to NY, only to find a couple parked behind the church, having fallen asleep in their back seat. "If we knew who they were, we could start rumors about them." "The rumors would be true, then." "Yeah; trumors."
rose window

Sound "Retreat" and Charge!

This will be my last post for the weekend. In a couple hours, I will be off on our annual Confirmation Retreat with anywhere from four to eight Middle Schoolers. Pray for us, please.

I look forward to this every year. For some of these kids, this is the weekend when they put together all the Church stuff they've learned over the years, and get a sense of "this is what I need to do next." For others, this is the the weekend, the one where their souls awaken. For me, this is the weekend where I really earn my pay. We may look like we're playing games and piddling around, but I'm spending an entire weekend pastoring my most important parishioners. This is what I was called to do, what my soul delights in.

Awake, thou that sleepest, and Christ shall give thee light.