January 23rd, 2006


Wastin' away again in Jaegermeisterville

Actually, I have no Jaegermeister in the house, but I'm certainly having a good time piddling. I create things I'll never use when I'm bored or depressed -- it gets the little grey cells working again.

I've now got an enormous amount of data on an AD&D (2nd Ed) campaign setting that I'll never use. It's been years since I've played any such games, and I don't have a group to game with anymore. But it's so much fun creating worlds. I always was a better DM than a player, and a better writer than a DM. (I used to write frequently for Dragon Magazine.)

But at least my brain is not so much Sewer Fudge, as it has been the last few weeks. I feel moderately alive. Why, I actually got a bunch of stuff done today. Only forty more loads this week, and all will be copacetic.

And now, the Good News:
Jesus Saves (and takes half damage)!