January 18th, 2006

speed limit


On this date in 1778, Captain Cook discovered Hawaii; shortly thereafter, Cook's men discovered Hawaiian women. The world has never been the same.

Taps for Old Ben

At Hoosier Trails Council's Executive Committee meeting last night, we were talking about how our attendance at Scout Camp was down last summer. But at least we didn't go in the hole. Our Scout Executive mentioned that Buffalo Trace Council (Evansville) has closed their camp, Old Ben Scout Reservation. It'll be available for weekend use, but BTC will no longer offer summer camp program there.

I am boggled. OBSR was brand-new about '87, when I was directing Camp K (Wabash Valley Council) -- maybe in their second year? After moving to Lynnville, I took Scouts there in '94 & '95 (indeed, was chaplain there those years). Both siege and stryck were on staff there in the '90s. It is a beautiful camp.

But the Council lost money on it every year. Only 35% of all BTC troops attended their own camp. The others had gotten in the habit of going elsewhere, back when BTC had no camp, and OBSR just never attracted them.

How utterly sad. And what a cautionary tale for other Councils.