January 2nd, 2006


Showing one's hole cards

Most discussions of ecclesiology are like rounds of betting in a game of stud poker. We're all assessing the value of the cards that are showing, as if those are what really matter. Official statements of doctrine and practice, historic attitudes, etc., are the basis of our discussion.

But what really determines the hand's value are the card(s) that are hidden. Theologically, one's hole cards are the special convictions that each of us have that we don't drag out and examine before just anybody. They may bolster our public pronouncements, they may be at variance with them; but they are what really determines how deeply we back the hand we've got.Collapse )
roadkill soup

Making progress

that_guy_zach and I went out to Wilderstead today. We set stakes in the ground to define where my home will eventually go, and the deck, and the drainage. . . Then we shot elevations. So now, I should be able to finish my drawings for building permit and sewer permit; those + the driveway permit (why I should need one, I don't know), and I will be able to start actual work on structures.

I need to get some more gravel on the inner part of the drive. I also need to put some clay on the spots where erosion has begun on the road bank. Also, some big rock (like riprap) to define a curb: my neighbor's son dragged several deer out of the woods this fall with his ATV, but didn't want to drag them through the gravel -- so he drove along the edge of the bank. Eventually, that'll destroy the road. Some heavy rock along there will help prevent that.

I co-own the road with my neighbor, and we're supposed to take care of it together, but I've been putting money into it independently. For him, it's just recreational access to the woods; for me, it's the only way I have to get to my eventual retirement homesite.

I do think I'll have to talk with my neighbor over his son's ATV usage. He needs to stay on the road. Otherwise, we'll both be spending thousands of dollars some day not so far off to rebuild the road.