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The Daily Mustard
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Thursday, December 15th, 2005

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catholic tastes
I made a crack over on another LJ about my desire to learn to play what I called "liturgical banjo." Raised an eyebrow or two. Seriously, though, I love the banjo. I've never tried to play one, by it intrigues me.

I used to dismiss the banjo as an annoyance. One generally hears it played fast and furious, as in modern country, or as a rhythm instrument for inkle-plinkle-ookle-puke children's tunes.

But the first time I heard the banjo played slow -- the old mountain way -- I fell in love with its mournful music. I'd like to be able to play things like "Whispering Hope" on a banjo.

Because I just HAD to

The holy grail of nerd wit
The holy grail of nerd wit

A combined Boy Scout - Gamer - Medieval - Frenchbashing joke!

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