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The Daily Mustard
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Thursday, December 8th, 2005

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The power of personal stories
seraphimsigrist had a post about the confessional nature of LJ. I thought about replying over yonder, but it brought to mind a more fully developed thought that would be worth sharing here in full.

I have long pondered the power of our personal stories. We have these powerful experiences -- some good, some bad. They dwell deep within us. And from them comes power. They make us who we are, influence our basic drives and goals, tell us what the world is and whether it can be trusted.

It doesn't matter whether the huge experience that powers your soul is a good one or a bad one. We can go back to it, relive it, whenever we want to -- sometimes even if we don't want to -- and it all comes back. Some people relive moments with God that never fail to comfort them; others have moments of horror they'd give anything to be free of.

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
As I was getting back from doing hospital calls today, it was starting to snow. Sassy and I went for a nice walk in the thick snowfall. collinsmom got home early, due to doctor's appointment.

While she made supper, I set up the Christmas tree. I didn't put any lights on it, and only about half the ornaments (the unbreakable half). Sure enough, Cuthbert was thrilled that we had erected a jungle gym just for him. Much fretting and chasing off ensued.

This evening, I wrapped all the presents I've bought for collinsmom, siege, stryck, and anher. Cuthbert thinks bows might be tasty. Me, I'm thinking that a yellow tabby hand muff might make a nice holiday accessory for my wardrobe.

Pray for us.

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