December 1st, 2005


While visions of turkey scraps danced in their heads

Beauty is the Beast Beauty is the Beast

Sassafras is now five years old, all grown up and gorgeous, "the onliest doggy that I've ever loved." A real love sponge.
Chairing the Meeting Chairing the Meeting

Cuthbert is an agitator and a rowdy. But it's hard to stay mad at such a handsome fellow. He's about seven months old now.

brotherskeeper1 asked for a closeup of Cuthbert. I thought I'd try to take some portraits of the animules this evening. Now that our children are grown and gone, they're all we have left to spoil.

(N.B. If you look closely at Sassy's portrait, there's a curious Cuthbert peeping out from behind some grocery bags at the end of the hallway. This is easier to see in closeup mode [click on the pic] or by looking at the same picture in the Galleries section.)