November 28th, 2005

beats working

Medical Update

My sister sent me the following e-mail:
I read in the newspaper about a new psychiatric diagnosis, generalized anxiety disorder, or "GAD." I think I have extreme generalized anxiety disorder. I'll call it "EGAD." Claire

by himself

Patent pending

I've been dreading putting the Christmas tree up this year. Not just the labor of it all, mind you -- but trying to discourage the cat from climbing it. The premonition I get when I think of it just sucks all the comfort and joy out of me.

While in this condition, a light bulb went on in the attic. Eureka! The self-defending Christmas tree! It would come with a reservoir of water in the trunk, motion sensors all around, and a set of misters/spritzers on the lower branches. When an animal gets too close, psst! it gets sprayed!

Whaddya think? Any investment capital out there for this great idea?