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The Daily Mustard
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Thursday, November 24th, 2005

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Higher loyalties
I root for two football teams above all others:

The Green Bay Packers --

and whoever's playing Dallas.
Scratch one turkey
Well, the day passed quietly around here. I went to some friends' home for Thanksgiving dinner, while collinsmom went to Lafayette to join her siblings in wishing her mother a happy 87th birthday. I was pooped all day. After walking the dog, I fell asleep watching the Denver-Dallas game.

collinsmom tells me her brother had a similar problem to mine several years ago, and it took him six months to recover from it. Ugh. Well, nothing to do but get through it.

We're sticking close to home tomorrow to piddle, clean house, probably check in on the holler. Saturday we decorate the church for Advent, and things start to gather steam from that point through Christmas.

Ho. Ho. Ho.

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