November 14th, 2005



Just a brief post today, over mostly small things.

Had lunch out of town with caoimhinolorica today. Some months ago, he asked me to lunch, and we got in the habit of meeting monthly. He pushed me on it, too, which I needed. It's so easy to leave people behind and feel lonely. I appreciate him insisting that our friendship be regularly tended. I look forward to these get-togethers now.

That was the most of what I got done today, besides walking the dog. Tomorrow, I'm going to peep in at the office for a bit, but then I have a Council Executive Committee meeting in Bloomington in the evening, and that'll shoot whatever energy is available for tomorrow.

Still taking antibiotics every day. Still sitting in my puddle regularly. Still napping a lot.

Sunday morning went okay yesterday, though I was pooped from leading worship. I let that_guy_zach go along with the youth to play lazer tag without me; I led the more sedate Kids Club (younger kids) to a local craft store for an ornament-making party later in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, I've been comforting myself by re-reading a couple of old favorites by OE professor Tom Shippey: The Road to Middle-Earth and J.R.R. Tolkien: author of the century.