November 3rd, 2005


Free at last

They sprang me aus dem Krankenhaus early today. I had a clergy friend come pick me up at 1:00. We picked up my drugs and got my junk in the door; then I had to pet the animules, call collinsmom so she'd know the score, throw some laundry in the washer, and quick-answer the piled-up e-mail. Once I get this little bit finished, I'm going to go lie down on the couch and be wallowed by pets.

I was going to write a snarky little post about the increasing tiresomeness of the hospital, but redemption cancels all debts. Pace. :)

What's the fuss?

So, the CIA has secret prisons in foreign countries: What did you think "undisclosed locations" meant? Where did you think we were holding all these high-ranking captures to pump info from them? Most of the guys at Gitmo are small fish (very nasty fish, but not high up the food chain).

So the various bigwigs and middlewigs we've caught, who really have something to tell, and whom it takes time to get everything they've got to tell out of, are being held in secluded places where they can be interrogated.Collapse )