November 1st, 2005


From the belly of the beast

Well, after two days of asking questions, I finally got the right info to get on a 'puter here at the hospital. Can't stay long, and it'll wear me out, I'm sure, just to traipse down the hall and do this, but I wanted to let people know what's going on.

collinsmom took me to the hospital after church on Sunday. I checked into the ER and was admitted. The long and short of it all was, a small blemish in my groin abcessed, and then gave way to a system-wide infection. I was in a lot of pain and very sick by the time we got here.

They've been pumping me full of antibiotics for the last two days, and they're going to drain the abcess tomorrow (oh, joy). I may get to go home after that. But it will be several weeks before I'm completely over this.

I don't think I've ever been this sick before. And being hospitalized is a new experience for me -- the last time I was admitted to a hospital overnight was when I was one year old -- and, obviously, I don't remember it.

Anyway, once I get home and can start looking after things again, I'll post the pix of the stained glass window the kids dedicated Sunday. Maybe I'll be able to do some other thoughtful posts as well. But right now, just a wave from my hospital bed will have to do.

Keep praying for me, please. It's great to know that people care.

P.S. collinsmom got me a new teddy bear for my hospital stay. (I collect bears.) I think I'll name this one Kildare.

Some good news

Well, I'm worn out and need to go back to bed. But before I sign off, let me share some good news from The United Methodist Church ("the bland leading the bland"). Yesterday, on Reformation Day (or Hallowe'en, depending on how you feel about it), the Judicial Council handed down two major decisions.

In one, they reversed the decision to re-instate the clergy credentials of former pastor and lesbienne celebre Beth Stroud, thus once again drawing the line that the words enacted by General Conference are to be received and understood as actual, ordinary words that mean just what they happen to say.

In another, they threw out the bishop of Virginia's weird decisions of law in which a pastor in that Conference was suspended for insubordination in not receiving a homosexual person into membership on the orders of his DS and Bishop. The Judicial Council came down on the side of ministerial discretion, saying that the senior pastor of a congregation is the final authority on who is, and is not, ready to take the vows and join the Church.