October 25th, 2005


A pleasant surprise

I have a little job to do on our cabin out in the woods (putting plywood skirting around the bottom). So I went to buy some plywood, paint, etc. at Lowe's tonight. I feared the worst -- what with all the hurricanes, I figured plywood would be $40 a sheet. But no -- $15, as per usual. And plenty available. We must have this distribution thing figured out or something. Wow.

More Church History notes

With this outline for the last three sessions, my history notes should be complete. I may have to do some more thinking, however, since these notes seem skimpier than my earlier outlines.

I wanted to end this nine-week session with the Schism of 1054, which I believe really separates one era of the Church from another; however, I ran out of material, so I guess I'll go ahead and go up through the First Crusade. These notes will thus end w/1099.

I haven't put Anselm or Abelard in here anywhere, since they both died in the 1100s -- maybe I should put Anselm here. Anyway, if people like this whole series, I might do the Second Millennium of the Church next Spring.

Your comments on this last period would be greatly appreciated. What am I missing?Collapse )
Edited, expanded 10/27/05