October 24th, 2005

hound of heaven

Crossing the finish line

Well, I spent an hour or so at the church this morning, painting the script and facial features on the stained glass window. Tricky! The paint is like nail polish, and is acidic. It actually etches itself into the glass, so you've got to have a steady hand and correct mistakes promptly.

I'm letting the piece dry now. Tomorrow, I'll do touch up painting, as necessary, as well as rub a little more stain onto the frame where the kids didn't cover it too well yesterday. And then we're DONE!

It's been six months in the making, but the coolness factor is like, off the charts. I am very proud of our kids. (Thanks also to collinsmom and that_guy_zach for doing the soldering with me.)

N.B. It's 1:51 p.m. here, not 10:51 a.m. What is with LJ?

Later: manually corrected time, but WTF?