October 22nd, 2005


From the sermon barrel

A quick examination of my sermon files ("the barrel") shows nineteen sermons written over quite a number of years in my "Faces in the Crowd" series. In addition, I have preached biographical sermons on "The Leadership of Joseph," "Abraham: Father of the Faithful," and "The Great Apostles." (Somewhere, I've also got similar stuff on Jacob wrestling with the angel and Herod's slaughter of the innocents and a few other one-shots.)

Most of these exist in ms. form only; a few are on disk, as in these latter days, my handwriting has gotten so bad that in order to read my preaching notes once they get cold, I've had to go to typing them on the computer.

I wonder if there's a book in here, struggling to get out?

Appended below is a complete list of what I found today. Suggestion on future Faces, anyone? Collapse )