October 21st, 2005


Oldie but goodie

I've been posting mere trivia and personal updates, it seems. I need to be putting out deeper stuff. So, here's a sermon I wrote over a year ago (it's not all that deep, really, but it's got a nice point). I do an occasional series called "Faces in the Crowd," where I tell the stories of minor characters from the Bible. This here's on Lydia, the cloth merchant of Philippi.

N.B. I haven't bothered to clean up the ms. and make correctly punctuated sentences and organized paragraphs. Likewise, my quirky abbreviations abound. But then, this is how I write for preaching -- the breaks are at logical breath points. I am writing for the ear, not the eye.

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Another "Face in the Crowd"

I like to go through my old sermons sometimes. Sometimes, I'm trolling for something to use that my current congregation hasn't heard. But other times, to read a sermon I wrote some time ago is like hearing what someone else has written -- and that's spiritually profitable for my soul.

Anyway, here's another "Face in the Crowd" from three years ago: the Fortunetelling Girl.

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beats working

Small talk

Cuthbert came home about 5:00 today, and is still sleeping off his anaesthetic. For a while, he was snoozing on my chest while I watched TV. Sassafras came in, walked up to my side, and touched noses with him. Very sweet of her, considering that he's a nuisance much of the time.

I've made more progress on cat-proofing the basement today. Still more to do. Sigh.

that_guy_zach and I did some more work on the stained glass window frame (will this project never get done?!). Well, we dedicate it Oct. 30 -- look for pix thereafter!