October 18th, 2005

hound of heaven

Rompity rompity

Our Pink Puppy Princess loves this time of year. The days are cool, the nights are warm, and she has boundless energy. The rest of the year, Her Caninity is not so active.

Sassafras suffers from a form of asthma. She wilts in the heat of summer. Even the briefest of walks causes her to lie down with her flanks heaving afterwards. She spends most of her time in front of her fan (yes, we bought her her own fan). She loves ice water after her daily walk. She takes steroids and a bronchodilator twice a day (which is one reason she's shaped like a little nail keg -- she gets treats twice a day).

At first, we thought she'd be a good snow dog, what with her furry feet and all. She also pulls like a sled dog. But after her first winter, she didn't care for snow.

Spring is all cold and rainy. She'd rather stay inside and drowse in "her" chair or on the bedroom floor.

So that leaves Autumn, and Sassy is in her element. She wants to go for extra-long walks -- every day. She wants to play when she's in the house. She's up for anything. She's wearing me out.

God bless her.

More Church History outlines

We are coming up on Session Four, wherein I've got to try to cram the whole Arian Controversy and its aftermath into one class. I'm not sure it can be done -- might have to slop over into next week. Anyway, here is tomorrow night's outline; still working on Sessions Five and Six.

Thinking that I might write all this up as An Introduction to the History of Christianity someday. Meanwhile, the lesson plan --

The Definition of Christ: Session FourCollapse )