October 17th, 2005


Weirder than anything I could make up

I always thought Kwanzaa was more an American Lefty holiday than an authentic African anything. I've never thought it worth my while to speak or write about it before, though, because:
a) As a white person dealing mostly with white people, it's not something that crosses my path much or that my opinion would matter much on (as the Germans say, das ist nicht mein Bier);

b) Hallmark makes up just as many pseudo-holidays, and I don't waste my time complaining about them, either.

Now, however, Michelle Malkin has a post about the originator of Kwanzaa that I thought was just bizarre. Maybe we all ought to think about this observance, which the mainstream black church community seems to be smitten with (as witness all the Kwanzaa stuff in the Cokesbury catalog). For info on the originator of Kwanzaa, check here:

by himself

The lonely kitty

What the cat says while everybody is away at work:
Nobody likes me, everybody hates me,
think I'll go eat worms . . .
Nah, not worms; mice? Yeah.
MICE. Mmmmmm.