October 12th, 2005


Note to self

Might be good to know:
The DS of the new District H in WOC is David Brown.
Got his address and ph # today.
I'll file that away in case I need it.

Okay, move along. Nothing to see here.
beats working


Does anyone know what's happening with Kevin and Kell? I've been trying to get the Herdthinners site to load up for three or four days now, and the site's been down since Sunday. Over at one of the comics syndicates sites which hosts K&K, there've been no new updates since Sunday's over there.
rose window

. . . he threw it out the window

that_guy_zach and I finished soldering the angel window today. Took us 3 hours to do the back side. Tomorrow I take it to the pro to do the border and bracing. It's looking really cool. But it's also very fragile right now, wobbly even. I'm going to have to be really careful in transporting it until the pro and I finish with it tomorrow afternoon.

In other news, a lady in my church brought me a basket of ripe persimmons. Deliciousness! I intend to make persimmon pudding for the missions dinner this Saturday. Yum, drool, and oh boy! (I've also got a pumpkin awaiting sacrifice. How these things do build up.)

Also, got a call from the local Scout shop. My copy of BSA's new Trust Award requirements is in, apparently. That's the new proficiency award for religious life/youth ministry in Venturing. The basic advancement progression in Venturing is Bronze - Gold - Silver. On the side, they have the Ranger for proficiency in Outdoors, the Quartermaster for proficiency in Sea Scouting, the Quest for proficiency in Sports, and now the Trust for proficiency in pietas. We await now only whatever they'll come up for the Arts and Hobbies emphasis. Practical note: I'm thinking Nikki will easily qualify for this award.

Went to the hospital to see a worker there and stumbled across three parishioners in for various ailments -- one of them in ICU. Glad I took it into my head to go there!