September 30th, 2005


Jam tomorrow?

Tomorrow begins another adventure: Southeastern Indiana Chrysalis Girls Flight #27 has its first team formation meeting. Ta da! Let's have some crumpets and glory up there, Lord!

It's not likely to look very glorious tomorrow morning, of course. A bunch of bleary-eyed girls and adults will gather to start training, rehearsing talks, dealing with a million frustrating details. Not everybody will be on hand, despite our desire that everybody make every team meeting. The chaos will be rampant, but slowly, slowly, order will arise out of it. By the time the caterpillars arrive in January, everything will be fresh and gleaming, and we will all be ready to welcome them and guide them through a wonderful weekend in Christ.

I hadn't actually planned to serve again as Spiritual Director of a weekend so soon. If anything, I thought I'd volunteer to be head cook -- especially when I heard that both the boys and girls flights were going to be held in the same facility at the same time (on a one-day offset). I figured they'd need a really good kitchen crew to handle that deal. But when our Community SD called, he said we were doing four weekends (two Chrysalis Flights and two Walks to Emmaus) in just over two months, and we'd need every clergy we had to pull it off. So, yessir, here I am, getting ready to give the "God's Gift to You" talk -- again.

Ah, me -- it's the people who make each weekend different. The script is the same ol', same ol', if'n you know what I mean. The hardest spiritual discipline to master (for a clergyperson) is sitting through all those talks -- again -- that you've already heard over and over before. Lemme tell ya, I go through a LOT of coffee on a weekend. (In fact, on one Women's Walk, we renamed our leadership table The Table of St. Juan Valdez.)

De Colores and all that.