September 20th, 2005

by himself

That darn cat

Last night, Cussbert got playing with the cords leading into the computer downstairs. Which led to the router on the wall falling from its place. Thud No little lights twinkle on it now. Both downstairs computers are off-line. So I'm upstairs, stealing some time on collinsmom's machine.

I'm very un-tech-savvy, so it'll take a while (and some help) to figure out how to get things going again. And meanwhile, I've got to head out for Bloomington, where I have three meetings today. Verflucht!

Got little sleep last night. Kept waking up. I was having this weird set of dreams in which I was the only native English speaker in a graduate seminar. Everyone else spoke German. So I was expected to make my presentations in German, too. Now, I'm used to sometimes losing sleep because I've got a sermon running through my head; but to lie there, all groggy, making up oral reports in German -- how useless is that?

Although I wish my German was as fluent when I'm awake as it is when I'm asleep.