September 19th, 2005

welsh dragon

New adventure in pictures

Venture Crew 699 ventured into the unknown yesterday with their first-ever baby shower for a crew member. Born about six weeks after our return from the UK, Little Davian has already made his first high adventure trip in utero. See the cuteness at

We expect it'll be a long while before Betthanee can get free to wander with us; however, she and Sean have started a big adventure of another kind. Best of luck to them, and love and prayers, too.

The United Methodist Women and UM Youth Fellowship both helped out, brought gifts, swelled the crowd. Blessings on all of those who showed God's love.

Also, there's a new pic of Cuthbert (the kitten) on his gallery. I got honked off at him and called him "Cussbert" today. He's full of vinegar as only a ten-week old tommycat can be.