September 18th, 2005


Every day is a gift from the Lord

Yesterday, collinsmom and I went shopping for the baby shower. We also stopped off to set up a craft party for the Kids Club. Don't know if that one'll make or not. Guess we'll wrangle those kids tomorrow.

The Knife & Fork Club was well attended at a local restaurant. That's our no-agenda meet-&-eat group that anybody can come to. They pick a restaurant every month or two and we troop off to spend time with each other around the dinner table. It's especially good for welcoming new members who don't do Sunday School.

This morning started a good day. First came Sunday School, and my class made a little more progress on our stained glass window. Gonna get that sucker done and dedicated soon!

Worship was good, though attendance was down. I preached on "Be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."

After lunch, the youth met and fixed their calendar for the year -- good deal!

Then the Venture Crew (with massive help from the United Methodist Women) held a baby shower for Betthanee and her new 5-week old son. LOTS of presents, good attendance. The congregation really showed its support of this young family. Two of Betthanee's sisters and her grandmother and two great-aunts also attended. Hannah came, too, and the youth all stayed.

Then we had a brief Venture Crew meeting (mostly adults) to talk about the Africa trip next summer. Nikki really, really wants to go. Kiki is a strong possibility -- she has to choose between Africa over the summer or a semester in Spain. I'm still looking for an adult female to go!

Finally, we came home, ate some supper, and I got down to killing lizard men and giant spiders in Icewind Dale. Yay!

Weather report

The weather has turned cooler. This morning there was fog. The leaves are just starting to turn. When I was out in the holler a few days ago, leaves drifted down in a lazy fashion. You can smell autumn on the way.