September 14th, 2005

by himself

Meanwhile, in the Great North Woods

A new hand is hired as a lumberjack. The first day on the job, he can barely choke down the awful food at lunch. He says, "Man, this stuff is terrible!" The cook takes his apron off and hands it to him. Then he learns that the guy who complains is the next cook.

After several days of cooking, he decides that cooking is a lousy job, even if nobody complains. So he begins to deliberately mess up the food to provoke somebody into complaining. He burns some, he leaves out the salt, he undercooks the potatoes: nothing works. The men all eat (or not) without complaint.

Then one day he finds a batch of fresh moose turds out on the trail. He scoops them up, arranges them in a pie shell, adds some whipped topping, and serves it to the foreman for lunch.

The foreman takes one bite, jumps up from his seat and says in an awful voice, "Aaargh! That's MOOSE TURD PIE!" Then, realizing what he's just said, he immediately adds ". . . b-but it's good!"

And a tip of the toque to barbarakelley.
welsh dragon

Another announcement for members of Venture Crew 699

Silver Award recipient PVT Derek Reinhold, USMC, will graduate from Boot Camp at Parris Island on September 23, 2005, at 9:00 a.m. local time. He gets ten days' leave thereafter, then reports for his next school -- somewhere.

He'd appreciate anyone who can show up at his graduation. (That's probably only anher and stryck, now that Hannah is back in Indiana -- somewhere (very long story, and it'll change before I can elaborate).