September 12th, 2005

by himself


I'll be so glad when Cuthbert gets beyond this teething stage. He's got teeth like little needles, and he bites fingers and anything else he can get hold of.

A very merry un-birthday

collinsmom brought home an early birthday present for me this evening: a 22" computer monitor built to play games on. I now have it on my better 'puter. The monitor I had been using on that one, I moved to the old reliable, which allows me to take the ancient monitor I had been using as a replacement on it and move it back to the really old machine we use for running DOS programs.

speed limit

God is working his purpose out

Well, the Finance Committee met tonight to write the 2006 budget. It was a painful process, but once again, as with all the meetings we've been having this fall, attendance was good, people spoke the truth in love, and we solved problems instead of defending positions.

It's exhausting to do this, but I appreciate what's happening. I have hope for this congregation. It's already such a warm and hopeful place. But now, finally it may awaken from its sleepwalking and decide to make some things happen that need to be done.

People are getting on the same page: slowly; painfully; but with real dialogue and a desire to go forward. I hope I'm not just reading my desires into this; I really think God is moving among the people here. It's not going to be easy, but it may turn out to be a truly wonderful burden to lead this congregation over the next months.