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The Daily Mustard
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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005

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Animal ADD
My pets both suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder: as in, they both think they're not getting enough attention. Geez, you'd think I could do some work done around here without a cat demanding to be picked up or a dog wanting to be petted.
The challenge of getting what you asked for
Tonight was our Pastor-Parish Relations meeting, and we were making recommendations on salaries and benefits for next year. We have struggled this year, and the student associate position of that_guy_zach was on the line. I defended the position and went all out to plead that we continue to support it. In the end, the Committee agreed with me. Now what?

I'm sure Zach feels great pressure to deliver on the promise of his work. That's unfair, but it goes with the territory. And I, having gone all out to support my staff and sell the congregation on the idea that I know what I'm talking about when I say this is how we produce growth, well, I'm feeling great pressure to prove that it works.

I think I need to re-prioritize my life and work. Yes, this is how it works. Yes, this was the right decision. But no, neither Zach nor I can magically deliver the brighter future. God does that. And only if we want God more than we want to be rescued from our predicament will he honor our prayers and give us his blessings -- and with it, deliver us to the better day.

So afterward, we were talking it over at my home. I'm thinking we need to start a weekly morning prayer (communion) service sometime mid-week. Not to add to the worship program and build a new congregation around, but to build up a small, strong group of hungry leaders for the future. I need more than I've got if I'm going to lead this group where they need to go.

I was impressed with the Committee. We did, indeed, speak the truth in love, and rassled the thing out. Next comes the Finance Committee, then the Church Council. More stress, more speaking the truth in love, no guarantees. But maybe I can believe a bit more now than I did that God is in this process.

Please continue to pray for us all, congregation and pastors.

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