September 5th, 2005

beats working

Rebuilding New Orleans

My sister pointed out to me that before the Great Chicago Fire, Michigan Ave. ran along the shore of Lake Michigan. But after the fire, all the rubble was simply shoved/dumped out into the water, changing the contours of the lake. Lake Shore Drive is basically built on the remains of pre-Fire Chicago. This clearance was necessary in order to rebuild the city.

After hearing somebody on TV ask, What'll we do with all the debris we'll have to clear to rebuild New Orleans? her idea was, Bulldoze it all into the lowest-lying areas of the city, tamp it down real hard, then build over the top of it. Maybe you could wind up with a city not so prone to flooding.

Sounds good to me.
rose window

The end of a good day

So, I'm sitting here finishing up the evening's business. A kitten is asleep on my lap, the dog is asleep on the bedroom floor. I've been a bum all day, mostly. I did go over to Florence to cruise a bookstore. And I mowed the lawn and walked the dog. But basically, I've just rested up.

Tomorrow is a very busy day. There's an early surgery to sit through over in Cincinnati, then home to start a shortened work week in the office, and then a stressful meeting in the evening. Gotta write a report in there sometime, too. Summer's gone, and time's a-wastin'.

Meanwhile, my wife is debating her future direction: when, and under what circumstances, to start another degree program. That new set of plans, plus the critical decisions being made by the church at this time, are impacting upon my long-settled roadmap for the future. Don't know what's coming anymore; quite a number of assumptions may be switched by the time we reach the end of the year.

So pray for us all. God's will be done. Speaking the truth in love, that's my goal.