August 30th, 2005


Feeling better

I was totally bummed this afternoon. Feeling weak, semi-sick like I was coming down with something. Ah, stress. How well I know thee.

So I went out to touch the woods. Wilderstead was amazingly soggy, but it did me good just to spend a few minutes out there. I photographed some turkeys on our road, looked at all the water rushing down the creek (Katrina lives!), inspected the cabin (and found a small tear in a screen -- probably a bird or something hit it).

Anyway, I'm doing better tonight. I'm riding an emotional roller coaster right now, but important things are a-doin', and I've got to be able to meet the challenge. What I've learned is that instead of running myself in the ground, I need to take off and build myself up to meet the challenge. I count work in a) tasks and b) emotional weight. I can do so many tasks of X weight per week. If I fool around and do no other work that week, that's fine. Recuperating, thinking, and getting ready for the next major push is not time wasted.

The old Circuit Riders got a lot done, but they spent an awful lot of time on horseback, just riding along, talking to God, thinking, being outdoors. I can relate.
speed limit

Trip to Africa

The Scouting Mission Trip to Africa I agreed to do next summer is finally taking shape. We were supposed to go to Africa University in Zimbabwe, but that country is descending into chaos and I don't think it's safe to take kids there. So I've been checking out possibilities for a return to Tanzania, where we did The Trip of the Millennium in 2001.

So -- we may leave end of May for a couple weeks. Visit Kigoma and do the mission thing there, working with refugees and orphans and churches and computer schools and whatever. Then on to Morogoro to visit the work and see what our mission money is accomplishing (probably assist with funding the completion of a clinic). While in the Morogoro area, we'll do some hiking and also visit Mikumi National Park for a game drive.

Youth ages 14-20 (both boys and girls) in our United Methodist CYSA/Scouting* family are encouraged to apply. Cost will be about $2,000.


*That's youth who are themselves members/participants in The UMC who have experience in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H or Campfire, OR youth with any church affiliation who are part of a BSA, GSUSA, 4-H, or Campfire group sponsored by a UM church.