August 23rd, 2005


On the road again

Well, I got up at half past gawdawful this morning. Couldn't sleep any longer, figured I'd go ahead and get showered and stuff. Also worked on a teaching outline for an adult Church History class I'm hoping will go over.

We leave at Six bloody A.M. for Wilmore, KY, today. collinsmom is checking out Asbury's Masters in Counseling program. Don't know where-all this'll lead, but we're going to see.

Finished sawing up the crown of a 55' ash tree out at Wilderstead. Laid aside several small limbs to season. They will be ready to make into walking sticks next spring. Wife wants us to sell them at local craft fairs. Only have one more (big, double-trunked) tree to clear before laying out the building site in its particulars for the various permits I'll need (construction, sewer, driveway).

Cuthbert is batting at my leg, wanting more attention. (There is never enough attention to satisfy him. He's a love sponge.) Sassy is snoozing on the loveseat upstairs. With her over-sized head, she is the only dog I've ever known to use a pillow like a human.

Where's the mute button when you want it

The Rev. Pat "Loon" Robertson has called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Mr. Chavez is, no doubt, a vile excrescence on the human race, but any Christian minister (even one of such dubious history as PR) who would nonchalantly call for his political murder debases his calling. He is no better than the mullahs issuing fatwas against Western leaders.

I don't know that we can make him shut up, but how's this: let's give him a one-way ticket to Venezuela to talk things over with ol' Hugo.
hound of heaven

Seminary visit

Well, our visit to Asbury today went well. Deanne is all excited about starting a Masters in Counseling next spring. I'm looking at the financial side of things and wondering where the money is going to come from -- not for her degree, but for the things we were planning to use her current income for, since her pursuit of a degree will necessitate a bunch of changes in her earnings potential. Well, there's a reason they tell you not to stand up until the ride is over, I guess.

As for her getting the degree and changing her career, I guess I'm for it. I am officially in favor of people listening to God for a call; besides, I have preached for thirty years that God wants to fulfill us, not just fix us, and I have always known that Deanne has never found that fulfillment. Whether she finds it in this program or not is another matter, but you have to read all the way to the last page to find out how the story ends.

Anyway, we'll soldier on the best we can.