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The Daily Mustard
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Friday, August 19th, 2005

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An announcement for members of Venture Crew 699
Born, August 16, 2005, to Sean and Betthanee (Cutter) Cole, a son, Davian Edwin. Mother and baby are doing well.

I believe they are living in the same apartment that stryck and anher once lived in (#215, is that right?).
More pix
Animals are notoriously hard to photograph. They just don't pose well. I've got a couple of new ones of Cuthbert in my photo gallery. I suppose I'll have to start a gallery of Sassafras soon. I swear, these are the most photographed pets I've ever had. I suppose digital photography makes that easier, though even with all the techno-magic in the world, trying to capture live animals in candid poses I still wind up with fuzzy pictures.

EDIT: View gallery at http://pics.livejournal.com/aefenglommung/gallery/0000eeqp

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