June 25th, 2005

hound of heaven

Golden Oldie Time

I do a lot of re-preaching of my sermons (though I usually don't repeat a sermon to the same congregation). John Wesley would approve. So would caoimhinolorica, who once told me that re-preaching is to the congregation's advantage, since their preacher isn't holed up in his study writing a new sermon every week and can get other things done. But for me, the main advantage is that I am sufficiently removed from the Me who wrote that sermon to hear it preached to myself as well.

In any case, this week was too full of stuff getting back in the groove, and my brain was way too tired, for me to come up with fresh material. So I'm preaching a nice little piece from six years back. It's still as true today as it was then -- and I need to hear it, too.

If you'd like some homily grits, just click on the lj-cut. The Scripture text is Romans 1:16-17, and the title is:
For I am not ashamed of the gospel

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