June 23rd, 2005


Things are looking up

Don't seem to have much to relate these days. All drained from the trip to UK, I suppose, plus busy with trying to pick up things at the ol' Soul Ranch. I'm still pretty tired, but no longer taking two naps a day. I reckon I'll make it.

And more than that. I realized last week that I feel really, really healthy -- OK -- ready for whatever -- than I have in nearly seven years. Yup. That's how long it's been that I've been wrestling with all my various ailments and fatigue. (If you count that last, horrid year at Aurora, with all its stress and sciatica, it's been over eight years.) I've been through three or four different diagnoses and treatment plans, and still felt like crap. I feel good now.
Seven lang years I searched for thee,
the glassy hill I clamb for thee,
the bluidy shirt I wrang for thee,
and wilt thou not wauken and turn to me?

He has turned to me at last.

Lord, thank you for my health. 'Tis not what it was (but then, nothing is). But that it is what it IS, I praise you for.