June 16th, 2005

saxon cross

Digging out

Well, we made it back. I'm digging out from under the stack of mail, e-mail, LJ friends' posts, etc. Haven't been to the church yet to go through that stack of mail and messages.

It was a good trip. Still too early to really sum it up. And too tired. I'll do that later.

Meantime, the old fruit stand is open for business once again.

Scotland the Damp

Here beginneth the first parte of the adventures of Venture Crew 699:

We flew out of Cincinnati May 30, landing in London Gatwick the next morning. After a short hopper to Edinburgh, we hit the car rental place. First shock of the trip: I underbudgeted for the car rental by about a thousand dollars. Second shock of the trip: gasoline cost nearly six and a half bucks per gallon. Worry set in big time, but I figured we'd make up the difference along the way.

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