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The Daily Mustard
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Friday, June 10th, 2005

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From the Home of Lost Causes
That's what they call Oxford. We're here, finally found an internet cafe. Just a quick post to tell everyone we're all right.

Scafell Pike was gorgeous. The weather was clearing, but still misty near the top. Hannah was feeling icky, so stryck and I led her and Betthanee back down the mountain while the others scrambled up the last 500 feet or so in the mist. Turned out Hannah was suffering from severe constipation, brought on by stress, excitement, and a revulsion for public toilets. She's fine now, after some more regular habit formation and reams of good advice from all concerned.

North Wales was gorgeous. We found it convenient to take the train UP Snowdon to the top, and then hike back down. I enjoyed getting a little more familiar with all things Welsh. That means that half the crew is 2 for 3 bagging the peaks, and all of us have stood on at least one summit.

Glastonbury was cool. Stonehenge was neat. We got to walk into a long barrow (passage grave) near Avebury. And we saw the Uffington White Horse carved into White Horse Hill near Oxford. Today, we're just nosing about Oxford. We'll be taking tea in a little shop in the covered market later on.

I'm finally getting used to driving on the left. I imagine I'll have some adjustment difficulties when I return. I felt a little homesick last night. This is a long trip, and the responsibility of looking after the group as well as doing all the activities is draining. I get up a half hour or so before anybody else, just so I'll have some time to think. Can't stay up and think, my brain is too fried.

Last night, I described our itinerary as the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. Next time I come over here (if I do), I think I'll need to concentrate on just on area or kind of thing. You know, North Wales or Roman Britain or the Ultimate Pub Crawl or something.

Well, pip pip, cheerio, and all that.

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