May 26th, 2005

welsh dragon

D minus 4

Today is D-4 for our trip to the UK. I've been running around doing pastoral calls and tidying up the loose ends. I've got some errands to run tonight (pick up Crew t-shirts, get re-certified in CPR, etc.), but I'm basically all caught up on pastoral work. Other than tidying up my thoughts for Sunday's sermon, the week is in the bag.

That means that tomorrow will be given over to getting myself ready and the gear all assembled for the trip. stryck and anher come in tomorrow night. That means Saturday is spent rounding up their last needs and visiting. collinsmom is going to a wedding in Bloomington Saturday evening, and coming back Sunday.

Sunday we do the morning routine at church, then Derek's graduation party, followed by a cookout family supper at Wilderstead. Then Monday, we get everybody put together, do our last shakedown, and it's out the door for the airport.

Lord, get us all where we need to be with what we need to have.


Did an audiology re-test yesterday. My hearing is normal again after some kind of inner ear congestion.

And I did a re-test on that low number that was worrying me. It came back mid-range normal. Everything checks out.

Which all means that I'm in pretty good shape for the shape I'm in.