May 24th, 2005


Another hurdle cleared

Thank you, God, that I have finally got my taxes done! May Caesar accept unquestioningly the returns I offer him, and be content with his all-too-deep cut.

Easter coming so early this year really screwed up my tax preparation (plus, I was exhausted and sick leading up to Easter). So, I filed an automatic extension. Now, faced with the UK trip in just SIX days!, I was burning the midnight oil, trying to get the numbers in order in their little boxes.

Finally got it done. You wouldn't believe the amount of paper it takes two modestly paid schlemiels like me and collinsmom to file our taxes. In addition to the usual circus of clergy taxes for me, she started a small business this year (which wasn't very successful) AND had income from unemployment and disability.

Delaying the inevitable

So the Senate will avoid a showdown over judges. Well and good. But I think we have to realize two things:

1) The Democrats simply cannot be trusted to keep any bargain. There will always be "exceptional circumstances" when they're in danger of losing.

2) Therefore, the Republicans are just going to have to do it all over again as soon as there's a Supreme Court vacancy.

Of course, if the Democrats obstruct a Supreme Court appointment coming so soon after this compromise, they'll reveal their naked obstructionism and the Republican caucus (so soon after having swallowed this compromise) should rally and vote them into oblivion. The sooner the better, I say.

Another Tasteless Joke

Two Texans were returning from a roadhouse late at night, fully loaded, when they had to pee. They stopped their truck on an iron bridge over a small stream, and got out to pee. As they were standing there in the dark, peeing off the bridge, one Texan said to the other, "Boy, this water's cold."

To which the other replied, "Yeah, but it's not very deep."