May 18th, 2005


In the news . . .

Kudzu has been shown to cut down on binge drinking. Now, that's interesting. I would have thought that kudzu would drive one to drink.

Regarding Newsweek: If their story on the alleged abuse of the Koran was not "yelling fire in a crowded theater," what was it? As such, should it be actionable? If, say, Afghanistan or Pakistan wanted to prosecute these mopes, should we extradite them to the tender mercies of an Islamic court? Why not?
welsh dragon

12 days and counting

I have lived through a month of work and stress and business in the last three days. Must be a deadline approaching.

ALL things to be accomplished in the next twelve days have been reduced to a single master list, scheduled to the day. Only certified pastoral crises can put new things on that list.

On May 30, I am flying out of here, ready or not, for the UK. What doesn't get done is either forfeit, or will be taken up upon my return.

Meanwhile, people keep trying to pile stressors on me, particularly at the end of the day when I am at low ebb. Stress is bound to come, but woe to them by whom it comes! Cast all your cares on him, for he cares for you.

Prayer Requests:
That the last money comes in and everything works out financially;
That everybody planning on going is ready to go and has no crises between now and then;
That we will be safe and have fun;
That everything will go well in the parish while I'm gone.