May 16th, 2005


Countdown to Three Peaks

The Venturers leave for the UK two weeks from today. Much to get done. Group not yet acting like a group, all acting like individuals on spokes connected to hub (me). Very uncomfortable-feeling.

Taking one young lady shopping today for her Venturing uniform. We've never been very uniform-conscious, but we will be touring the home of Scouting, staying in Scout camps, so we'd better look the part. Plus, a uniform always subs for dress clothes when you're going places like church.

Yesterday, I handed in Derek's Silver Award application. This makes the fourth Silver Award in our eight years of operations. We've only had about twelve people actually join our crew in all that time (though others have shared adventures with us from other units). Those dozen or so youth have earned ten Bronze awards, four Golds, four Silvers, and two Rangers. I'm proud of our Venturers, and proud of our Crew's record. The two Rangers are stryck and that_guy_zach, both now adults. These two, plus Derek, join Nikki among the Silver Set.

For pix of previous adventures, see my gallery "Been There, Done That." Go to my Profile page and click on Pictures.

"Well, I didn't actually shoot him . . ."

Today, as I was driving down SR 1 into Greendale, I saw a roadkill deer. Not an unusual sight this time of year. There's more possums and raccoons and deer and what-all on the highways around here than I've ever seen. But this deer was different. Its head was missing.

Now, I don't mean that whatever vehicle hit it tore its head off. The deer's body was intact, not mangled, its head and neck cleanly sliced off. Presumably, the deer was killed by collision -- but then, somebody stopped by the side of the road to cut off the head. What kind of a person would do this?

Whaddya think: Is it just me, or is that the cheesiest way to get a trophy you've ever heard of?