May 3rd, 2005


Geography quiz!

Geography Quiz at
Thanx and a tip of the ol' pith helmet to prester_scott

My scores

First the good news
Canada 39/39
Central America 42/42
South America 39/39
USA 150/150
World Continents and Oceans 33/33 (Duh!)

Then the pretty good news
Australia 21/24
Europe 110/111 (Misread Slovenia for Slovakia) Edit: No -- the other way round.
Middle East 84/87

Then the still-smarter-than-the-average-bear news
Africa 144/162 (Can't keep all the countries along the Guinea coast straight)
Asia 75/87 (Got lost in the Stans)

Now the not-so-good news
Caribbean 41/66 (Don't know my Lesser Antilles)
Oceania 57/96 (Like identifying fleas on a dog when you can't tell shapes)
China 39/93 (Good Lord)

I'm in the Jailhouse now

I got into the jail today (and, luckily, back out again -- so there!). I was really at a loss. Had to pray hard, put myself in God's hands. You see, I so rarely face a situation I can't plan how to approach any more. I've been at the preacher racket for umpty-ump years, man. But I'd never had to visit somebody in the slammer. What do I say? What if they don't say anything? But I made myself do it, discomfort or not: after all, visiting those in prison is an expectation of Jesus himself.

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