May 1st, 2005


Oh, deer

I have this book (had it for many years) called, How to Survive Without a Salary, which recommends that you need to make your home pay for itself. With that in mind, collinsmom keeps talking about harvesting wild goodies like rose hips and such from our holler after we move out there. I don't want to be discouraging, but I don't see that being much of an income producer.

On the other hand, I suggested we could keep a steer on our front meadow, for the beef. Sounded like too much work to her. Besides, a whole beef wouldn't fit in our freezer, come slaughtering time.

So we began to discuss hunting the deer that swarm all over the place. We both like venison. A couple of deer per year, and our freezer would be full. Plus, there's a place down the road that processes wild game.

The only problem with this is that neither of us has ever been a hunter. I own one firearm -- a BB gun that belonged to my Mother. She used to pot cats that hunted the birds she fed in the backyard. She was a crack shot, too -- grew up hunting squirrels with her brothers. When my Father died, I found her BB gun in the kitchen pantry, still loaded eleven years after her death. Dad had never touched it.

The idea of making a hunter out of me seems silly. The only place I ever shoot a real firearm is Scout Camp, which I haven't attended in ten years. So I think once we get our retirement cabin built out there and move in, I'll just let some friends hunt on our property, with the proviso that we get a generous portion of the kill. That should keep us in venison and deer sausage, come the day.

As for the wild turkeys out there, yuck. To me, Wild Turkey is best served on the rocks. No fuss and no feathers.