April 20th, 2005


Progress report

Well, I called UK today. Ordered up a rental of two Vauxhall mini-vans, to be picked up in Edinburgh May 31 and handed-in in London June 12. The cost was 830 GBP, which is just shy of $1600. Ouch. But it's progress.

that_guy_zach is taking our church's youth to the Ichthus Music Festival tomorrow morning. Prayers and good fortune be all over him. Our mutual friend Pastor Beth Ann is taking three times as many youth and adults from her small church and has very little camping experience. She called tonight with last minute worries. She'll seek out Zach if she gets perplexed. They'll help each other.

Meanwhile, our church's Risograph decided to blow a code this week, so I'm playing phone tag with the repairman while our newsletter hangs around, unprinted. Maybe I'll call a neighboring church and get a little help tomorrow. Gotta get this stuff out the door.

Life isn't a three ring circus so much as a three car pileup, ya know?