April 13th, 2005


Just 'cause they're paid off doesn't mean they're trouble-free

Yesterday, my car began acting up again. I'd only had the spark plugs and fuel emission stuff redone last week. Seems I had a damp spark plug wire this time. So I put some new wires in.

This morning, I drove across Indiana to my dentist for a checkup and a filling (3 hours + away). On my way, I paused to visit my parents' graves. I'm not much of a cemetery visitor, but I figured if I was going to drive all the way over there anyway, I might as well. Then I drove home.

(By the way, siege, Dr. Ben says Best wishes!)

collinsmom came home almost immediately after I did, and now she's got car trouble. I think it's the alternator in her truck. So now I've got to get up at half-past gawdawful and drive her to work in the morning, then go pick her up at 4:00 p.m. Ah, me. No rest for the weary.

from Old English Pages

Fæder ure þu þe eart on heofonum:
Si þin nama gehalgod
to becume þin rice
gewurþe ðin willa
on eorðan swa swa on heofonum.
Urne gedæghwamlican hlaf syle us todæg
and forgyf us ure gyltas
swa swa we forgyfað urum gyltendum
and ne gelæd þu us on costnunge
ac alys us of yfele soþlice.